Trooclick Launches Beta Fact-Checking App

Trooclick screen from their homepageBig news in the small world of anti-misinformation tools today, as Trooclick announced the beta launch of its first automated fact-checking app. It’s available as a Firefox add-on, with plans for a Chrome version.

The company’s app, which focuses for now on IPO news, checks the facts in an article and racks up the number of “glitches,” or signals that information in the piece isn’t trustworthy. Glitch detection gets triggered by conflicting information in Securities and Exchange Commission filings, or by multiple articles reporting different facts. The glitches then get flagged up next to the article title. Where the article’s facts conflict with the official record, Trooclick gives readers details from the SEC.

Unfortunately at time of writing I’ve had no success downloading the beta, but I hope to write more soon about my experience with the plug-in. One thing I’ll be looking at is the types of glitches included. Craig Silverman, in his Regret the Error blog for Poynter, has reported that Trooclick will also count glitches related to ethical violations, such as reliance on anonymous sources. But there was no mention of that in the company’s beta announcement.

Picture credit: Trooclick


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