Fact-checking for everybody

Fact-checking is something we all need to practice each day as news consumers. Here's some tools to help you do that.


‘There is No Market for Fact-Checking’: Trooclick Exits the Verification Scene

One of the first companies to try and automate fact-checking now says “there is no market for fact-checking” — at least, not as you and I know it. Paris-based Trooclick launched its plug-in last June, promising to check the facts in IPO stories against Securities and Exchange Commission filings, and against other articles. The original business plan …

Fish wrappers and encyclopedias: how can we fix newspapers’ update problem?

There is so much to love in Craig Silverman and the Tow Center’s new report, “Lies, Damn Lies and Viral Content” — from the very first sentence. “News organizations are meant to play a critical role in the dissemination of quality, accurate information in society.” Indeed! I feel a bit like that dorky kid who plays Dungeons …